Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Secret Weapon Tablescapes progress

Been making some good progress on my Tablescapes table this past week. Above is after the first oil wash. 

Tiles in different stages of airbrushing/washes

I've gone for a wind blown martial landscape

I did not go down the zenithal highlight route like some tutorials have done. To me they don't look right and limit options of variation with the 1x1' tiles. I like the more weathered look compared to the over highlighting.

Street tiles in the early stages. Pictured above is the airbrushing and oil washes all done before cleanup

Then prepped for road markings

Almost done. Just need to weather up the yellow road marking and then apply the burnt sienna wash to the street tiles to match the others. Yes I have already cleaned up the overspray...

Im very pleased with how the worn rusted look of the car lift and storm grates have turned out. Will be adding some additional grime to the gutters and oil/fuel stains to the roads

After the streets are done its onto the rolling fields... Here they are primed up red oxide for the martian like landscape theme. I'm looking to make these WHFB compatible as well.

Monday, 26 January 2015

New Airbrush has arrived

My new airbrush arrived over the weekend. A Custom Micron CM-B2 by Iwata

It came complete with a very nice powder-coated stainless steel case with polished end caps

With being able to buy these direct our of Japan they are as affordable as the local RRP of the High Performance series, which was what I used before (HP-BP+)

Still yet to arrive is my new quieter compressor and the other brush that will be used for undercoats/basecoats (a HP-BC+)

New paints arrived a few weeks back

Now I just have to clean up the chaos

First pictures of Harlequins emerge

Very small, very grainy but obviously a Harlequin

Saturday, 24 January 2015

New Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought up for pre-prders

Forgeworld have released rules and pre-orders for their new pattern of Dreadnought

Experimental rules can be found here
 185 points for a BS5 chassis and twin linked Anvilus Autocannon array is not too shabby.
Not entirely sold on that chassis though, and that name sounds like Doritos Corn Chips...

The new paint scheme is a nod to the next HH book having Ultramarines in...

Friday, 16 January 2015

Tomb Kings army book goes softback...

In an interesting development, the Tomb Kings army book, recently discontinued as reported here, has now re-appeared as a softback title!

With being so close to the rumoured 9th edition release, we live in interesting times...

What this means for the rumours regarding combined army books and consolidation of factions... well, at this point its any ones guess

Maybe the End is not so catastrophic!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

WHFB Allies have arrived...

We all knew it was coming (unless you have been living under a rock that is), but this seems to be the first piece of concrete evidence indicating it as reality. Allies are here.

Now to be fair, WHFB 8th edition has always had the allowance to field allied contingents, however they have always been regarded as one of those 'back of the book' options that nobody chose to play. But with the advent of battlescrolls, itself a large shift in the structure of WHFB, it is spelt out.

Could this be the end of the percentage based army selection? Will 9th usher in a new area structured closer to 40k. It is not hard to jump to conclusions based on the above limited information, but indeed Battlescrolls and battlesheets draw a lot of similarities to primary and secondary/allied detachments. Specific battlescrolls easily representing the equivalent of a special formation in 40k.

At first glance, I can see a lot of advantages to this format, indeed putting further restrictions on overpowered units and even balancing them out by the requirement to field certain inefficient choices to take a formation. but then again, no doubt GW would throw in the 'unbound' battlescroll, or take whatever you like, ok I guess for friendly games (bring all your models!).

Only Tzeentch knows, the next 6 months will be a rough ride for some...

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WHFB coming to an End!

Weee I can make a shock jock headline too...

But in all seriousness. Darnok, via his network of rumour informing "birdy's" has made a rather brash thread over at Warseer about the impending doom of Warhammer Fantasy as we know it. And its all the rage to talk about it atm.

All I can say is about time, and don't you dear touch my game!

You can have a read of the impeding doom to our game here

The End of times has been lauded as a much needed refresher to what some have said is a stagnant system. My thoughts are somewhat different, feeling that 8th edition is one of the best renditions of WHFB that has been released to date. I am not alone here.

I for one am not drinking the cool aid. Well, lets be honest, I have sipped it a little.

For the last few editions of Warhammer, the usual suspects have called a complete destruction of the game and refresh. From complete new rules sets to scraping of army books and a combined bestiary, its all been floated. Whether it was wish listing or trolling only they will know, but this time there appears to be some truth to the hype.

Over the past few months GW has released the End of Times series on the unsuspecting masses, and it has been well received to say the least. In a large shift from historical release cycles, Warhammer has entered into an all encompassing timeline shift injecting a lot of refreshing advances to the scope of the game. A Game of Thrones style axe has been taken to the character setting and a slew of new ones introduced, and a large investment has been made in expanding the model range...

So it dosn't make sense where Darnok's birdys talk of a huge model consolidation? Or does it...

As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Just as 6 months ago talk was of all army books being made invalid, and 4 or 5 combined beastary books being made. Reality, EoT campaign set introducing new ways of running combined armies and nothing being invalidated. GW is a business, and business does not throw out everything to start again when it has millions invested in the current system.



9th edition is coming. With 9th edition there will be changes. As far as the rules set goes, there will be nothing drastic. It will be a revised 8th edition rule set, with some new things introduced and tightened up, just like 40k 7th edition was to 6th. That formula has been proven to work, and GW are not going to throw the book out with that.

As far as the armies go, there will be change, but nothing so jaw dropping drastic as to alienate the fanbase, well not entirely. We will see a consolidation of books, just like has been eluded to with end of times. This however, will not be to reduce the scope and scale of the game like some "trolls" have been calling, but more a way to increase and add variation to the stage. Introducing: Warhammer allies. Combined books (such as "Undead" and "Elves) will allow players to field either pure armies or allied forces. That has been obvious for a while (40k ally matrix would not entirely work in WHFB).

The timeline will be advanced, as a way to introduce new units, scenarios, characters and expand the range. Games Workshop is a business and they want to sell models. The caviet is, if your favorite unit is not in plastic, its either getting updated or its gone. This has been true for years now (think the great metal exodus, or failcastgate).


I for one am looking forward to 9th. The introduction of an allied matrix to allow me to field a greater variety of models will be welcomed by me. New models, new rules, new characters, new stories/fluff...

My only wish is that the new ruleset will be very tight and balanced... now that is just wishlisting...