Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Execution Force - New Board game from GW

This weeks White Dwarf cover has leaked revealing the much rumoured new Assassin's board game from Games Workshop, aptly named Execution Force.

It is said to be a complete standalone board game which includes the four assassins pictured, plus a bunch of victims for them to assassinate. 

No word on pricing but sounds like a fun little board game at first glance...

First few games of Star Wars Armada

Had my first few games of Star Wars Armada over the weekend, and I must say, what a refreshing change of pace. No models to paint, quick easy to learn rules, oh and Star Destroyers!

We played a few out of the box games to learn the rules them went for a 300 point engagement

Here I have a Victory I class with no upgrades and a Victory II class Captained by Grand Moff Tarkin, and upgraded to have an Ion Cannon. Hellrider made an appearance too. 

Opposite me is some Rebel Scum. My swarm of Tie fighters take early dominance of the theater by killing off half the X Wings in support early, and engaging the rest whilst I bring about the pointy end of the Star Destroyers.

1 volley later, and the Victory II class obliterates a blockade runner! 

The Victory I class closes to short range and lets loose with concussion missles, whilst combined firepower from Grand Moff Tarkin and his ability to issue special fleet wide orders allows me to swarm the support frigates with Tie fighters. 

The last Blockade runner with Lea on attempts to break out but is swamped with Tie fighters. The Star Destroyers bring about broadsides to finish her off.  

The aftermath. The heavily damaged Victory I almost leaves the table edge but comes to a halt just in time.

I have to say I am sold. Can't wait for the ISD to be released! 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Craftworld Eldar are back

The question remains, is this a full replacement Codex or a supplement Codex to sit alongside...

New Farseer/Warlock/Autach jetbike kit. Looks almost the same as the old one except the stance of the rider is leaning forward like their Dark Eldar bretheren

New Autarch on foot (wings)

New Jetbike squadron. Aparently there will also be Shining Spears released in Finecast. Nobody is talking yet wether they will be the old models re-released or an upgrade to suit the new forward leaning jetbikes

Limited edition Codex

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

More Skitarii in this weeks White Dwarf

Hmm. This Skitarii faction of the Mechanicum is looking nicer all the time. I remember reading about the Skitarii for the first time in Horus Heresy: Mechanicum
These models are living up to how I imagined them

Apparently we will get a HQ and Dune Walker next week, and then in a few months the Adeptus Mechanicus will get a full release!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Nationals silliness

At the time of writing Nationals are just around the corner. Three days and eight games of war dollie goodness! I've been wanting to try something a little different with my Dark Elves so came up with the following:

Dreadlord, CoT, Dawnstone, Black Dragon
Master, Ruby Ring, BSB, Dark Steed
Master, Charmed Shield, Mnticore
2 units of 14 Dark Riders
4 Repeater Bolt Throwers
7 Shades
2 units of 5 Brolocks
1 Hydra!

WIP of my Dark Elves War Hydra

Basically I have been working on this guy and wanted to put him in a list. Of course any good general knows that one big gribbly needs some buddies for moral support! Balls to the wall that tells me a naked Manticore rider was in order!

Not to be outdone, any Dreadlord worth his salt will have the biggest and most badass mount there is, so a Black Dragon was in order.

After taking one of the more filthy variants of Dark Elves riff raf and winning Equinox with that I wanted to take something different... I hear its a smaller field at Nationals this year (Auckland, what is going on with you? Even Christchurch can rustle up more!) so I'm not expecting any great things. With no level 4 sorceress its going to be push it forward and 6 dice Doombolts all around!